Saturday, August 6, 2016

Collage Play Day

Looking Down!
Mixed Media Collage

My friends invited me to come and play with paper, acrylics, and ink pens.  I added the acrylic and muslin leaf print, embroidered with DMC floss, after I got home.
The piece reminded me of viewing Earth from 15,000 feet up.  I decided to float the leaf up there too, like it was doing a free fall in a delicate decent to seek ground or water.
One of my Google+ friends told me later that I got the alphabet right-side up...just lucky, I think.
June 2016
Jacksonville, Oregon
Waiting to be displayed at Sept. Show at Art Presence Art Center in Jacksonville, OR

Friday, February 5, 2016

Guest Artist, Art Du Jour

Guest Artist at Art Du Jour Gallery
Medford, OR
Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016

"African Sky"
Textile by Charlotte Wirfs
Part of Frida Series, #3
Hand quilted and embroidered.
Sold at this event.

Details of African Sky.
"Frida's Hallelujah"  Wall-Hanging Textile
 by Charlotte Wirfs and Round Robin Members, Signed
Frida Block and finishing by Charlotte Wirfs
Part of Frida Series #4
Machine and hand quilted and appliqued. 
Sold at this event.
"Fire Flies" Textile
by Charlotte Wirfs
Hand Quilted and Embroidered.
Part of Fussy-Cut series, Ruby's Red-Bag
Currently displayed at Wirfs Studio, Jacksonville, OR
"Cream?" Textile
by Charlotte Wirfs
Hand quilted and embroidered.
Part of Fussy-Cut Series
Notan Art Quilt Challenge
Ruby Art Quilt Group, Tumwater, WA
Currently displayed at Wirfs Studio, Jacksonville, OR
Wild Life Mini Quilts
by Charlotte Wirfs
Six-inch hand-sewn and hand quilted wallhangings.
Part of Fussy-cut series.
Currently displayed at Wirfs Studio, Jacksonville, OR
"Saw Tooth Sisters" Wall Hanging Textile
by Charlotte Wirfs
Machine pieced and quilted.
Part of Jean Wells Fabric Designs
Currently in artist's collection.
Textiles, Mixed Media, cards, and collection Display
by Charlotte Wirfs
Log Cabin Textile by Joan Jacobs
Currently displayed at Wirfs Studio, Jacksonville, OR

Retro Textile Designs Valentines Cards
Hand-made Cards and envelopes by Charlotte Wirfs
Currently on display at Art Presence Gallery Gift Shop,
Jacksonville, Oregon

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Marigold Bud in Shadow

I was working on learning a new photo technique yesterday.  The challenge was to create an image using negative space by focusing on a subject in the foreground and blurring the background.  It was suggested to compose using complimentary colors.  I was using macro settings photographing flowers in my garden and saw this tiny marigold bud lurking in the shadows, below the larger lemon-yellow blooms.  It was a yellow green hue, but what a surprise to see the dark green surrounding foliage translated into blue-purple in the final image.  I was very pleased with this result and posted it on FaceBook, Instagram and Google+ for my friends to enjoy too.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Frida's Challege

Two Wall Quilts
Hand Embellished, machine pieced, hand quilted

Frieda's Garden
Size:  24" by 15"

Frida in Paris
Companion piece to Frida's Garden...same size

These wall quilts were made for a fabric challenge using French General fabrics.  We could make any sewn item we wanted as long as we used the fabric provided.  We could also add fabrics or embellishments.  First I machine pieced the backgrounds.  One uses straight seams and the other uses a curved seam thechnique.  The photographs and images of Frida were added from another fabric designer line.  I designed the garden blooms and embroidered them hand appliquéing them in a free-form design.  Both pieces were embellished with embroidery floss and hand quilted also with embroidery floss.  I mounted both pieces (just tacking them with thread by hand)  on artist canvases with the edges of the canvas painted black.  I added a wire hanger to each frame so they could hang on the wall like a painting.
French General fabrics provided for the challenge.  There was enough to make two small quilts.

These wall hangings were displayed in three galleries and both sold.  They are currently hanging in private collections.

I have just accepted a new challenge and I will be using the Frida prints again.
"Day of the Dead"
El Dia De Los Muertos
A Fiesta of Visual Arts, Music and Food
Oct. 3- Nov 2, 2014
Art Presence Art Center
Jacksonville, Oregon

I plan to make two more wall hangings and some mug rugs adding  these Mexican lottery ticket prints and other festive prints and embellishments.  I think there will be some acrylic paint and stencils used also.
there may be some shadow boxes involved too

Any ideas?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tenacious Mug Rug/Mini Quilt

Mug Rug or Mini Quilt
6" square

This was just finished and mailed anonymously  to a person who is about to complete a year of sobriety and is a member of AA.  It is part of the "Free Art" project, a group of artists who send tiny pieces of art out to people who have achieved something cool or who may need a little sparkle in their day.  Sometimes the sender identifies themselves and sometimes the sender asks to remain a mystery.  An encouraging message is mailed along with the art piece as a complete gesture of caring.  

If you would like to nominate a person to receive some free art, please email Char with a little description of why you are making the nomination.  Please include their name and address.  Our finished projects are posted on Face Book on a group page called Free Art.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

When Did I Start Sewing?

This is in response to Emily's Sew Thinky Thursday group on
Take a look.  There are some great stories and pictures posted by that group.

The question this week  is:  "When did you start sewing?"

I wanted to sew from the day I realized my Grandmother Minnie made my Sunbonnet Sue quilt and an Overall Sam quilt for my brother.  My mom did her best to get me sewing and was my first 4-H leader.  I was 9 and in the forth grade.  My very first project was a pink cotton scarf with pulled thread edges and a crayon designed pressed into one corner.

(This is not the quilt my grandmother made but will hold the spot until I can insert the actual pic.)

And I was was hooked on sewing and 4-H.  I started entering my sewing projects when I was in the 7th grade.  I belonged to a 4-H group led by the twin's' Mom, Susan and Sally were the girl's names, but I just knew their Mom by Mrs. Damon.  We made aprons and then dresses.  I think I won a ribbon.  But I started making my own clothes from that point on and continued making things and learning until my children did not want me to sew for them anymore.  

My kids, well into their 30's now.  

So, I changed my focus and joined a quilting group.  My mentor was Elizabeth and she stared me out learning how to hand-cut pieces from templates and stitch them by hand.  It was a valuable process and I completed my first quilt, a tulip wall hanging.  I was hooked!

This is a Round Robin completed by one of my early quilt groups.  Round Robins were very valuable to me as they pushed me into thinking about new colors and designs, not ones I was comfortable using.  It forced me to learn new techniques and required me to meet deadlines, complete projects, and appreciate my own work.  Since then my favorite projects are mystery quilts and challenges.  The plus to these groups is that I get to meet many people and form wonderful friendships.

My hardest quilt was a log-cabin, barn raising variation that was commissioned.  Oh my, what a learning experience and huge challenge.  But how proud I was to finish it and present it to my client.  She was gracious enough to allow me to show it in a local quilt show.  She sent pictures of it to me later displayed beautifully on her guest room bed.  She had the room painted to show it off.  I will probably never make another quilt as large or accept another commission quilt, but I am glad I had that experience.

Center block made of of four 12.5 inch- log cabin blocks set with dark sides to the middle.  

Me at the quilt show with the completed Log Cabin queen-size quilt.  I was so proud of myself.  I felt my Grandmother Mini standing there with me enjoying the moment.  Afterall, she was the inspiration to get me stared all those years ago.

Minnie standing in the center with her beautiful mother and sisters about 1900.

Minnie, as I remember her standing with my Grandfather Cecil.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blood Moon

"Blood Moon" Size 16" by 20"
by Char Wirfs
Finished Sept. 2012
Displayed at Short Term Gallery, Baker City, OR
Currently displayed in my son's home

Last Feb. I was handed a red bag of mystery fabric as part of a quilting group challenge and was asked to use as much of the fabric as possible to create a project.  There was a lot of black and white prints and a square of bright orange and a square of turquoise.  I had just read about bargello strips and decided to use that pattern as my inspiration, moving the turquoise solid down each time.  I had just started when I decided to add some drama by putting more solid dark strips between.  Notice I started the strips straight up and down and then switched to slanting them.  I finished with a straight edge to pull the composition back to center.

I liked the results and decided to add a moon to the composition.  I used white embroidery floss to quilt.  I had not intended to give the project as Asian influence, but went there.

Sometimes I look at the finished quilt and see a moon reflected in water and sometimes I see a harvest moon rising against a darkening Nov. night.
My son fell in love with the finished wall hanging and I traded him the little quilt for a really nice red pair of art-glass earrings.  Win! Win!

Me with new earrings.  I love red.

So I had quite a few scraps left over and thought about making a sampler.  The entire alphabet is squeezed into this design.  It is not finished yet, but it will be.  These two projects are quite different, but came from the same little red bag of mystery fabrics.  Next week I get a new bag.  wonder what will come from that....?.....

Size: 18" by 24" 
unfinished top
by Char Wirfs